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Creating monoliths for future generations

I'm quite sure that there is eventually going to be another "fall of Rome", which results in a new round of Dark Ages. The world-wide material and communicational infrastructure will totally break up, and our level of technology will regress considerably. We should prepare for this, shouldn't we?

As a demoscener, I'm sometimes concerned about whether even a single artifact of our subculture is able to survive this "darkness". The lifetime of computer storage media is relatively short, so after the great fall, we may eventually only have some strange pergaments containing second-hand descriptions of mythical times. Unless, of course, we do something like this:

All right, but anyway: when writing VIC-20 or Atari 2600 code, I have a much stronger feeling of "persistency" than when writing PC code. Even individual bits tend to have a certain sense of power and durability in them. On the PC, however, the dependency on immensely complex and ever-changing operating systems makes the code written for it feel somewhat weak, temporary and forgettable.