2011-06-13 4290K soundflower.mp3 Generated by a 16-byte VIC-20 program.
2009-11-09 1284K vaaksaskaav.mp3 Palindrome consisting of a chiptune played forward and backward.
2009-09-20 1668K future1999.mp3 
2008-07-30 1877K the_next_level.mp3 
2007-08-03 2520K impossiblator_3.mp3 
2004-01-11 1208K trollenscheisse.ogg 
2003-08-15 1569K pwp-liberation.ogg 
2003-08-15 3318K pwp-liberation.mp3 
2003-06-05 1401K pwp-summer.mp3 
2003-01-12 1313K pwp-warrior.ogg 
2003-01-12 1575K pwp-warrior.mp3 
2000-09-03   47K 
1998-XX-XX  644K viznut-porkkana.mp3 
1997-XX-XX 1564K viznut-liima.mp3 
1997-09-XX  604K viznut-jewl.mp3 
1997-08-09 1204K viznut-gomazm.mp3 
1997-03-25 1324K viznut-ikuisuus.mp3 
1996-11-26  844K viznut-cosmolamu.mp3 

Chiptunes, mostly demo music designed to be listened to with the accompanying visuals.