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2020-07-14: New file: Some of my GPT-2 experiments
2020-06-24: New text: Permacomputing (some early notes)
2020-03-10: UNSCII 2.0 font released
2018-03-31: New text: Reaching for the blocks of the living world
2017-11-12: You can now support my creative endeavors monetarily on Patreon.
2017-10-12: Site remade after fifteen years.

I am Viznut a.k.a. Ville-Matias Heikkilä.

I want to be among the builders of a better world to replace the one that is currently falling apart.

I eagerly accept suggestions for co-operation. Computing is a thing I understand something about.

The main purpose for this site is to have a single place for the things I have made.


I have been programming since the age of seven, and much of my programming has always been art.

On the demoscene I have been particularly interested in the low-end technical extremism. Increases in computing power are rather boring to me.


Technical experimentation sometimes leads to invention. Bytebeat music, based on extremely short computer programs, become a bigger phenomenon in some circles in 2011.


In my blog, I have been writing about my own projects as well as the issues of the wider world.


In 2012, I founded the Skrolli magazine out of the desire to give visibility to some of the more sustainable and less consumption-oriented corners of computer culture. I was the editor-in-chief until December 2016.